Myanmar (Timeless Culture, Glittering Pagodas & Raw Nature)

Myanmar tours offer you a rare authenticity. Few travelers have set foot on the Road to Mandalay, making Myanmar a timeless enigma.

Until recently, this predominantly Buddhist country had shut itself off from the rest of the world.

Beyond the headlines lies a Myanmar that will captivate you with its innumerable glittering pagodas.

Myanmar tours introduce you to a country teeming with Buddhist pilgrimage sites, breathtaking local crafts, and a vivid natural beauty untouched by development.

A former British colonial stronghold in southeast Asia, Myanmar (previously known as Burma), has experienced several upheavals over the centuries.

Only once did Myanmar truly prosper in its history. This golden age was during the 11th century when the Pagan Empire was in power.

Sadly, two centuries later Kublai Khan’s army swept through the country and plunged Myanmar into darkness.

When the British East India Company came to power in the 19th century, Myanmar became a province of British India.

The Second World War brought fresh misfortune as Myanmar was a key battleground in the war, liberated only just before the Japanese surrender in 1945.

The regimes that followed crippled the economy, imposing martial law and changing the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar, ostensibly to rid them of the vestiges of colonial rule. Myanmar tourism and the country itself suffered greatly during this time.

Elections were repeatedly postponed, but order was restored after an intervention from the United Nations.

Today, despite some difficulties, the political condition of the country is on the upswing and Myanmar tours have opened up the country to additional economic strength.

Top Myanmar Travel Tips – History:

Myanmar tours are incomplete without a visit to the historical temple complex in Bagan. Pack good walking shoes as this incredible sight is spread across 104 km².