Thailand (Land of Smiles)

Good time city, that’s the sobriquet given to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The self explanatory sobriquet itself describes what tourists can expect with Thailand holidays. The diversity of recreational activities encompasses various spheres including beautiful sandy beaches ensconced in remote islands, a vibrant nightlife, Buddhist temples and numerous world heritage sites.

There are several recreational courses also on offer to tourists including Thai message classes and Thai style of cooking. These courses attract a lot of interest among tourists. Different localities in the country attract tourists with their own festivals the notable among them are rocket festival in Yasothon and Elephant Round up at Surin.

Shopping also attracts a lot of tourists to the country and adventure and recreational tourist in the need of something new flock to the nation for some exotic experiences. Go for Thailand tour packages with Cinnamon and enhance the exotic experience even more.

Thailand was home to some of the oldest inhabitants in the world – agriculturalists who lived in the fertile Mekong valley. Our private Thailand tours take you deep into the verdant valley, which is one of the largest producers of rice in the world!

The population of Thailand migrated from China between 10th and 14th century AD and the Khmer kingdom, on the border of present-day Cambodia, influenced the culture, art and architecture of Thailand considerably.

Several dynasties ruled Thailand between the 14th and 18th centuries and in the 19th century, the country appointed westerners to advise the court.

In 1939, the country changed its name from Siam to Thailand, meaning Land of the Free – a resounding philosophy evident during Thailand tours!

After the second World War ended, Japanese supporters assassinated the king and went on to control the country for the next two decades. Between the 1970s and 1990s, Thailand saw a series of political upheavals.

The financial crisis of 1997 opened the country’s eyes to its destabilized economy and economic reforms were finally implemented.

Until recently, Thailand has charted through difficult waters – from the unrest in the South to the devastating tsunami of 2004, and the continuous dispute with neighboring Cambodia over Angkor Wat.

Today, peace talks have restored harmony and Thailand tourism has flourished.